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Sport Surfaces

We can customise your sports floor surface to meet your specific requirements.

Any sport, whether played at amateur or professional level, requires high performance and a high degree of comfort from the playing surface. 

Discover the ideal solution for your sports surfaces with our range of environmentally friendly options. Our sports surfaces solutions are designed to perfectly match your specifications, delivering a floor that prioritizes safety, comfort, durability and the sports performance you seek.

At Topcoat, we offer a customised design service and a diverse range of solutions to align with your unique design requirements and court dimensions. Whether it’s for primary or secondary use, public spaces or school facilities, we have the expertise to tailor solutions that perfectly fit your needs. 

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Our Trade Certifications set us apart

Our Telarc certification to the AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Standard, coupled with our team of BCITO trade-certified professionals, ensures the utmost quality assurance and expertise for our customers.

Acrylic Sport Surfaces

Topcoat are licensed applicators for Mapei Sports System technology – TNS systems. As the most environmentally friendly system, our TNS systems stand out as the superior choice compared to traditional Astroturf products.

Resin playing surfaces made with the Mapei TNS System strike a balance between elasticity, superior playing comfort and outstanding technical performance characteristics, such as optimal ball bounce, swift directional changes during running and a high level of safety.

They may be used to form playing surfaces for various indoor and outdoor sports where high resistance to wear, UV rays and various weather conditions is required.

Mapei’s extensive range of products provides robust solutions for multisport surfaces including:

Resin playing surfaces made using the Mapei TNS System are a combination of resistance, strength, durability, comfort and safety while playing.

Acrylic sport surface
  • Recreation parks
  • Skating rinks
  • Indoor gymnasiums
  • 7-a-side football pitches
    • Sport courts: Tennis, netball, basketball, volleyball, handball
    • School hard courts
    • Cycle tracks
        Justine Driver, Principal at Sunnyhills School said:
        “The team at Topcoat Specialist Coatings Limited were engaged as approved and accredited installers for the Mapei TNS system. From the moment the Topcoat Sales representative and through to the completion of the project the team listened to our requests and were meticulous in their workmanship.  We are thrilled with the outcome.  It is bright, inviting, the kids and parents love it and we look forward to using it!”

        Benefits of Mapei TNS surface for use in schools

        MAPEI TNS surface offers a number of benefits over other types of flooring options like turf.

        Environmentally friendly

        Mapei TNS surface is solvent-free and designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly. This can be an important consideration for schools wanting to reduce their environmental footprint and promote sustainability.

        Durable and long-lasting

        Mapei TNS surface is highly durable and resistant, built to endure endure heavy foot traffic and the wear and tear typical in school environments. Its longevity surpasses many alternative flooring options, translating to cost savings for schools over time.

        Low maintenance

        Mapei TNS surface is a durable, low-maintenance flooring option suitable for schools, offering resilience to outdoor conditions.


        Mapei TNS surface is a safer flooring option for schools. It reduces the risk of slips and falls, which is especially important in areas where children are running or playing.

        Track & Field

        Outdoor playing surfaces made from the latest generation of synthetic rubber stand out for their high level of comfort, safety and high resistance to wear. Playing surfaces are made from very high quality synthetic rubber, natural mineral fillers and eco-compatible pigments which make the surfaces highly functional, very strong and durable over the years.

        Installation of athletics tracks using Adesilex G19

        For athletics tracks made from rolls of synthetic rubber, polyurethane adhesives must be used which have the capacity to adhere to the substrate, normally made from a layer of bitumen cementitious conglomerate.

        For this type of application, Mapei has developed specific adhesives such as Adesilex G19 and Adesilex G20, which have been used to make numerous athletics tracks for the most prestigious sporting events, such as the Olympic Games.

        These adhesives have the capacity of adhering perfectly to both the bitumen substrate and the synthetic rubber coating, and at the same time offer excellent resistance to tangential stresses transmitted to the underlying substrate during races, and so help athletes reach optimum performance levels.

        Cycle Paths

        We offer solutions to create safe and durable surfaces for cycling routes and paths. These surfaces are designed to accommodate the specific needs of cyclists and ensure a smooth and secure riding experience. Our cycleways flooring offer:

        – Durability to withstand frequent use and varying weather conditions.

        – Smooth riding surface to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure comfort for cyclists

        – Skid resistance, essential during wet or slippery conditions.

        – Safety line markings for traffic guidance and  safety.

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        Some of Our Happy Clients

        “From the moment we met the Topcoat Sales representative and through to the completion of the project, the team listened to our requests and were meticulous in their workmanship.  We are thrilled with the outcome!”

        Justine Driver

        Principal, Sunnyhills School

        “TopCoat were very well organised, with no disruption to our business at all, we’re very happy with the results.”

        Kevin Schreuder

        Operations Manager, Andrew Simms

        “The Waterview Connection represents another successful project and the technical skills demonstrated by Topcoat was particularly impressive.”

        Phil Lowther

        General Manager, Ceramicoat