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Food Processing

Durable and slip resistant flooring

Flooring in food processing facilities, including kitchens, meat, poultry, fish processing and freezer and cool room areas must meet strict standards to ensure safety and hygiene.

Our solutions include epoxy, polyurethane and all resin flooring. The choice of flooring depends on the specific needs and regulations of the food processing area and we work together to offer a tailored solutions for your needs. 

Our floor solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements for these areas:

food processing

Hygiene: Floorings that are easy to clean and resistant to bacteria, mold and other contaminants to meet stringent food safety standards.

Slip Resistance: To prevent accidents, especially in areas where liquids may spill, our flooring offer slip-resistant properties.

Chemical Resistance: Given exposure to various chemicals, our flooring resist damage from cleaning agents and food processing chemicals.

Temperature Control: Flooring in freezer and cool room areas withstand low temperatures without cracking or deteriorating.

Durability: Food processing areas endure heavy foot traffic and equipment use, so our flooring are highly durable.

Drainage: Proper drainage design is crucial in food processing areas to facilitate easy cleaning and prevent water buildup.

Our Trade Certifications set us apart

Our Telarc certification to the AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Standard, coupled with our team of BCITO trade-certified professionals, ensures the utmost quality assurance and expertise for our customers.

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