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Exposure Areas

We specialize in flooring systems designed to withstand and protect your floors

Chemical exposure area flooring is essential for the safe handling of chemicals and the protection of both personnel and the surrounding environment. It is a critical component of risk management in industries where chemical exposure is a concern.

We specialize in flooring systems designed to withstand and protect against exposure to various chemicals, acids, corrosive substances and potentially hazardous materials. These flooring solutions are crucial for areas like bunds where the risk of chemical spills, leaks or splashes is high.

Dairy Factory bund
Chemical resistant coatings

Our solutions are designed to be chemical resistant, durable and easy to clean so that spilled chemicals can be effectively recovered and disposed of. They comply with the relevant regulations and standards to ensure proper containment and safety.

Our Trade Certifications set us apart

Our Telarc certification to the AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Standard, coupled with our team of BCITO trade-certified professionals, ensures the utmost quality assurance and expertise for our customers.

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Our Solutions

chemical resistant flooring
polyurethane systems
Concrete resurfacing
resin floors
Epoxy coating
Fire protection

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Client Testimonials

“From the moment we met the Topcoat Sales representative and through to the completion of the project, the team listened to our requests and were meticulous in their workmanship.  We are thrilled with the outcome!”

Justine Driver

Principal, Sunnyhills School

“TopCoat were very well organised, with no disruption to our business at all, we’re very happy with the results.”

Kevin Schreuder

Operations Manager, Andrew Simms

“The Waterview Connection represents another successful project and the technical skills demonstrated by Topcoat was particularly impressive.”

Phil Lowther

General Manager, Ceramicoat