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Vital protection against corrosive substances in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications

Topcoat uses DEGADUR® as a trusted solution to fast track cure time of floor toppings. DEGADUR® resins are solvent-free, cold-curing methacrylate systems for producing high-quality industrial grade flooring.

DEGADUR® floor coatings based on ultra-fast cure PLEXIGLAS® resin technology can meet most customer needs, irrespective of industry, something that would not be possible if we were solely supplying epoxy or polyester flooring products. This is due to the outstanding and unique benefits that come from the use of DEGADUR® MMA resins.


The unique curing characteristics of DEGADUR® allow it to offer significantly faster install times compared to other resin chemistries. DEGADUR® floor coatings achieve full cure in just 2 hours, are ready for immediate use even under heavy loads, and being UV stable, they are a perfect solution for exterior trafficable applications.

Rapid return to services industries such as commercial kitchens, supermarkets, food preparation facilities and public ablution & changing facilities, where shut down times must be kept to a minimum, all benefit from the rapid cure time of DEGADUR®.

DEGADUR® resins offer extreme durability. They are thermoplastics which establish a chemical bond between each installation layer, resulting in a monolithic finish. Each layer chemically fuses to the adjacent layer (or existing subfloor) creating a virtually unbreakable bond. This also allows for faster and more economic maintenance in the future.

The unique reactive primers of DEGADUR® key deep into the substrate to achieve outstanding bond strength. Where required, specialist additives are also used to etch and further strengthen the bond onto substrates such as ply, steel and tiles, avoiding the cost and disruption of removal.

DEGADUR cures rapidly even at low temperature, e.g. after only a few hours at – 10°C. If specially adjusted, the coating can even cure at – 30°C. No other synthetic resin system offers this advantage. The excellent properties in use of the DEGADUR coating are preserved even when it is applied at extremely low temperature. This makes it the perfect solution for cool rooms and freezers. 

Our Trade Certifications set us apart

Our Telarc certification to the AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Standard, coupled with our team of BCITO trade-certified professionals, ensures the utmost quality assurance and expertise for our customers.

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Some Of Our Happy Clients

“From the moment we met the Topcoat Sales representative and through to the completion of the project, the team listened to our requests and were meticulous in their workmanship.  We are thrilled with the outcome!”

Justine Driver

Principal, Sunnyhills School

“TopCoat were very well organised, with no disruption to our business at all, we’re very happy with the results.”

Kevin Schreuder

Operations Manager, Andrew Simms

“The Waterview Connection represents another successful project and the technical skills demonstrated by Topcoat was particularly impressive.”

Phil Lowther

General Manager, Ceramicoat