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A solution built to last for Tatua Dairy

Tatua Dairy Co-operative
Flooring Solutions, Dairy Plants

About this Project

Tatua needed a new floor for their purpose-built production facility. They wanted a cost-effective but long term solution compatible with their industry– a flooring that’s capable of coping with their processes, as well as looking good and performing well. Topcoat provided them with a purpose-built flooring solution called UCRETE® DP, which is used in dairying facilities around the world.


Although Tatua had not worked with Topcoat Specialist Coatings previously, they were familiar with Topcoat’s work. As part of the contracting process, they visited other sites where UCRETE® had been successfully used. This included Goodman Fielder’s Meadow Lea site and Life Health Foods’ manufacturing plant in Auckland. “There was very good feedback from those companies,” says Jack. “From that we gained the level of confidence to engage Topcoat and the products they recommend.”



When Topcoat came on site, nothing was a bother to them. We appreciated their can-do attitude, and found them very professional and good to work with.
Jack van Lankveld, Tatua’s Engineering Services Manager

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