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Auckland Downtown carpark

Auckland Transport
BASF Conipur waterproofing membrane
Flooring Solutions, Waterproofing

About this Project

The rooftop level of Auckland’s iconic Downtown Carpark needed a refurbishment. Auckland Transport were tasked to find a solution that would limit the deterioration of steelwork due to proximity to the sea and water leaking into the lower floors from the concrete parking roof. Being of light construction, the roof floor also tends to flex with the movement of traffic. The solution had to be light weight, low maintenance, long life, flexible, bridge cracks and provide a hard-wearing surface.


Topcoat began work on the Downtown Level 8 Carpark in January 2012. The 6000sqm speed floor deck area was shot-blasted and then the BASF Conipur waterproofing membrane was applied. This is a liquid applied 4 coat system, with a 20 year warranty.


The main challenge was racing against the unseasonably wet summer conditions. The project was completed and handed over to Auckland Transport in April 2012, complete with line marking and a large “DOWNTOWN CARPARK” sign for Google Earth viewers.

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