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Andrew Simms revitalized floors

Andrew Simms car dealer
Mapei I-302 System
Flooring Solutions

About this Project

Andrew Simms undertook a significant expansion of their Botany dealership, necessitating the renovation of the facility’s 2000 square meters floor. After careful consideration, Topcoat was selected as the approved and accredited contractor for the installation and the Mapei I-302 System emerged as the optimal choice.

Leveraging their expertise, Topcoat’s skilled applicators successfully rejuvenated the surface. The preparation involved diamond grinding, followed by the precise application of the Mapei I-302 professional system using a spray technique.

Topcoat can provide a range of solutions, particularly suitable for Automotive and Engineering workshops. Contact us to know more at info@topcoat.co.nz or 09 274 9491.

TopCoat were very well organised, with no disruption to our business at all, we’re very happy with the results.
Kevin Schreuder, Operations Manager at Andrew Simms

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