Case Study

Industrial Coating

Waterview Tunnel Project

Sikagard Wallcoat T (roof) | IMC Ceramicoat C Magnolia (walls)

Topcoat Specialist Coatings Ltd played a key role in the successful completion of one of New Zealand’s largest infrastructure projects – the NZ Transport Agency’s Waterview Connection in Auckland.

A specially-commissioned Topcoat team worked on the large-scale and complex project for more than two years. It was a collaborative effort; and along with the other key contractors and suppliers, they were proud to celebrate the tunnel’s opening in mid-2017.

Topcoat’s winning solution was a combination of Sikagard Wallcoat T (in black) for the ceilings, and IMC Ceramicoat Magnolia for the walls. Phil Lowther, from Ceramicoat in the UK, says the project was significant by international standards.“The Waterview Connection represents another successful project completed by our Australasian partners. The size and scope of this project, along with the technical skill demonstrated by Topcoat, was particularly impressive.” Topcoat also used international expertise when it came to Sika’s products. Sika’s Max Tombleson says the Wallcoat T, which was shipped in from Germany, underwent months of research and testing as part of the selection process. “We then put forward a very comprehensive QA system,” says Max. “Once the project was underway, we worked together with Topcoat to carry out the required testing; and prepared detailed reports for the client.”

Total Areas Completed:

  • Sikagard Wallcoat T – Ceiling/Sikafloor 2540W floors 95,600m2
  • IMC Ceramicoat – walls 44,500m2
  • Emer Creme – Motorway T beam columns 7,000m2

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