Case Study


Panmure Bridge Maintenance

Mapei Mapelastic anti-carbonation coating, to protect concrete infrastructure from water ingress

Scheduled maintenance works began in January 2017 on the old Panmure Bridge in Auckland. This is an iconic site with a rich history, dating back to the original bridge construction in 1865. The original swivel opening bridge was controlled by a 50 tonne turnstile, remnants of which are still visible today.

Auckland Transport instructed Opus Consultants to project manage this work.

Topcoat’s scope included stripping out the rusted section on the underside steel I beams, applying an Altex epoxy coating system, and undertaking concrete spall remedial repairs using Sika specified technology.

Pneumatic power tools were used to scabble and chip loose sections, before a customised vapour blaster with garnet media was used to blast the steel.

The site provided a challenging location, with public, neighbouring properties and constant boat movements in proximity. Fully wrapped scaffolding was used to prevent contaminants entering the air or water below.