Case Study

Passive Fireproofing

Opus House Christchurch

Altex Coatings - intumescent and cementitious coating products

Topcoat Specialist Coatings - South Island has recently invested in additional resources to meet the growing intumescent paint opportunities within Christchurch due to the earthquake rebuilds.

Altex Coatings, supplier of intumescent and cementitious coating products, had no hesitation in endorsing Topcoat, with Topcoat’s experience in fire protection coating systems, as a recommended applicator for the new office building of Opus International (Opus House) on 12 Moorehouse Avenue, Christchurch.

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The fire protection specification on this project was made up of two very different systems. The columns were pre-primed steel and the application was a standard intumescent coating applied with airless sprayers.

The second system for the beams was a cementitious product which was applied using a grout pump and specialist texture spray unit. This product and method are increasingly used with steel which does not require priming prior to coating.  This is a cost effective option in cases where the steel is not exposed or does not require additional coatings.

Opus House was a significant project – a twin tower office block with five storeys – which came with the usual time restraints and a tight construction schedule.

Working closely with the contractor and Altex Coatings, Topcoat was able to offer ongoing updated schedules and reports associated with each stage of the project. Altex Coatings carried out weekly firm build tests, and together with the Topcoat progress reports, everyone was kept up to date on a regular basis.

After the completed project was signed off Topcoat was offered another opportunity to work with the same contractor on a similar project.

Altex Coatings used this project as a case study to showcase the products and illustrate correct application process.

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