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Frucor Beverages

A ‘can-do’ attitude for Frucor Beverages

With a large amount of equipment waiting to be installed in their new canning and pasteurising area, Frucor Beverages was working to a precise deadline.

That’s why they chose to work with the expert team at Topcoat Specialist Coatings – and a revolutionary quick-curing concrete system – that saw the job roll out exactly to schedule, on time and on budget.

With the tight time-frame on this project, Topcoat’s responsiveness of service was a key asset. In fact the Topcoat team not only worked to schedule – they worked ahead of schedule.

“We actually started the building process a couple of weeks further out than we’d planned,” says Tony.

Fortunately, Topcoat was able to recoup some of that time.

“We shortened our time frame, used our large labour force and managed to gain one week, allowing Frucor access to the floor earlier than expected,” says Brett.

Although it was the first time Frucor had worked with Topcoat, the two businesses now have a trusted partnership.

“The other thing that was notable about this job was that everything happened quite smoothly – and the Topcoat team was really good to work with,” says Tony.

“There were some solutions that were needed ‘on the go’. Topcoat worked well with everyone, including their sub-contractors, to fine-tune the solution as they went.”

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