Industrial Coatings

Our extensive experience means we can help you choose a system which meets your specific requirements, especially in the areas where strict hygiene regulatory standards are to be met.

A range of options is available from our trusted suppliers, including Sika, Allnex, Mapei, Flowcrete, Resene, and Degafloor.

Epoxy roll coat: Ideally suited for warehouse/industrial floors, these heavy-duty durable coatings will withstand forkhoist traffic. In wet areas, a non-slip profile can be added. To meet your Health & Safety requirements, we can also add safety walkways, and demarcation lines for the safety of your staff in high traffic areas.

Chemical resistant coatings: In high PH levels including bunds, overflow tanks and battery charging rooms, solutions include roll coat and polyester or polyurethane coatings that will protect the concrete substrate from corrosion.

Anti-static floor coating: Designed to reduce the build-up of a static charge on a floor, which also reduces the amount of dust attracted to the floor. This also protects equipment – for example in laboratories, hospitals, and electronics equipment manufacturing plants.

Dust sealers and specific safety line marking are also available.

  • Epoxy paint systems
  • Non-slip safety floors
  • Urethane finishes
  • Trafficable membranes
  • Polyurethane concrete
  • Safety line and pathway marking
  • Dust proofing and concrete hardening sealers

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