Decorative Floors

Topcoat is trusted New Zealand-wide as being leaders in the field of decorative flooring.
Having worked on multiple large-scale, commercial projects, you can trust our well-versed team.

Utilise our wealth of experience and expertise and we’ll handle your upcoming decorative flooring
project with confidence and ease. We’ll work with you to decide on the best solution.
Decorative flooring comes in various compositions, and can provide a range of different finishes
depending on your project’s needs. The following products are available and can be used as your
decorative flooring.

These include:

  • Architectural Terrazite
  • Decorative Terrazite
  • Terra Flake, and
  • Epoxy resins.

Each of the above types of decorative flooring are excellent alternatives to bare concrete, lino and
vinyl coatings. They are extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting solutions, and provide thermal
shock resistance, as well as impact resistance.